Your content is probably perfect, but do not underestimate

the sneakiness of typos. One last check before you print will ensure

all is well with your spelling, grammar, punctuation, page numbers,

spacing, design, and all the other details I’m trained to notice for you.


You have a message to send or a story to tell. It means a lot to you,

and it deserves to be conveyed as clearly and effectively as possible.

I come in to make sure your content isn’t hindered by inconsistencies,

word choice, awkward phrasing, run-on sentences, or general

errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Your words will flow

just like you envisioned. Smooth sailing—that’s where we’ll be.

Technical editing

Your message is specific and detailed, and it’s got to be

right on the money to effectively reach your audience. I’ll find all the

usual grammatical suspects. Then I’ll take it to the next level by

making sure your terminology-laden content actually makes sense.

Developmental editing

Perhaps your layout isn’t working for you. I can help you

restructure your content for peak functionality, so your readers

get their information in the most user-friendly way.


Major overhaul time? I’m here for you. We’ll work

together on fixing or rewriting the problem areas—

whatever it takes to get your copy as you like it.





Posted rates are a starting point. Together we can agree on the best rate for your particular needs.